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The Music Teacher



Renata Serelyte


A small town police investigator broods obsessively on her tragic love affair with her school music teacher. After the town is shaken by the murder of a teenage girl, the police investigator quickly finds that her ex-lover is her main suspect.

Shortlisted for the Lithuanian Book of the Year Award, The Music Teacher was made into a film in Lithuania.

Renata Serelyte


Renata Šerelytė is a Lithuanian novelist, poet, essayist and literary critic. She was born in 1970 in the small rural town of Šimonys in north-east Lithuania. As a child she lived in various places in Lithuania and Belorussia. Šerelytė lives now in Vilnius. She is the author of a number of novels and has won a large number of awards in Lithuania for her writing, including the prestigious Jurga Ivanauskaite Award. Her novel, The Music Teacher has been turned into a film in Lithuania.