Publicity for the novels published by Noir has been positive and has raised the profile of Lithuanian literature in the UK and abroad. The novels have featured in a wide range of publications.

The following newspapers and magazines:

Noir Press

·       Calvert Journal

·      The Baltic Times

Laura Sintija Cerniauskaite

·       Baltic Worlds (A scholarly journal from the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) Södertörn University, Stockholm)

·       World Literature Today

·       Deep Baltic

·       Publishing Perspectives

·       The Nottingham Evening Post

·       Trafika Europe Journal

·       Trafika Europe: Essential New European Literature (Annual best of collection)


·       Vilnius Review

·       Forward

·       Mosaic Magazine

·       Jewish Renaissance Magazine

·       Cape Town Jewish Chronicle

·       LA Review of Books

·       Left Lion

·       The European Literature Network

·       Calvert Journal

The following radio stations:

·       Radio Nottingham

·       Radio Leicester

·       The Jewish Hour

The following blogs