Currently Lithuanian literature is unexplored territory for the English reader. It is terra incognita. There is no map by which to navigate the literary roads and streams and forests of the land.

The number of Lithuanian novels in translation in English is pitifully small, and of those that are, most are of dead writers. What about the writers currently exploring fiction? What have they got to say? How are they saying it?

How can Lithuanian writers take part in the literary conversation of today?


Our Mission

Is to select ten interesting novels and to produce high quality translations into English. The parameters are wide; we demand only that the writer be still living and writing, that the novel be written first in Lithuanian and that it is of literary quality, or interest.

Who is to decide what is meant by quality or interest?

Well, that is where you can participate. If you visit the Take Action page, you can submit suggestions as to what novel you would like to see being part of this ten volume library.

We also run events focused on developing an appreciation of Lithuanian literature, including readings, translation workshops, and author events.

If you are interested in an event contact us here.