Noir Press on Notts TV

Noir Press were delighted to have the opportunity to go on Notts TV to talk about our wonderful new book, 'The Last Day' by Lithuanian-Ukrainian writer Jaroslavas Melnikas.

Notts TV has a large local reach, and the 'Ey Up Notts' is one of their most popular features, airing in the prime 5:30 - 6:30 slot.

Devilspel by Grigory Kanovich

After the successful launch of 'Shtetl Love Song', rightly celebrated as a beautiful novelistic memoir of Grigory Kanovich's childhood in the Lithuanian shtetl of Jonava, Noir Press are delighted to be publishing another of Kanovich's novels.

Set in 1941, on the outbreak of war on the Eastern Front, 'Devilspel' is Grigory Kanovich's novel about tragic fate of Lithuania' Jewish community.

Devilspel will be published in Spring 2019.

'The Last Day' Launch at the Ukrainian Institute

The Ukrainian Institute in Holland Park, London, was the prestigious venue for the UK launch of the Ukrainian-Lithuanian writer Jaroslavas Melnikas' first book in English, 'The Last Day'.

After a short introduction from the Lithuanian Cultural Attached, Juste Kostikovaite, the evening was kicked off by director of the Ukrainian Institute, Marina Pesanti.

Jaroslavas Melnikas was in conversation with ex-BBC Ukraine journalist and writer Svitlana Pyrkalo.

Jaroslavas Melnikas at the Lowdham Book Festival

Jaroslavas Melnikas, award winning author of 'The Last Day' launched the collection of stories at this year's Lowdham Book Festival.

To a large audience, Melnikas spoke about the genesis of his stories and particularly how he came to write in Lithuanian, having gone to live in Lithuania when he met his wife.


Melnikas told of how one critic called him ironically, 'The Son of Stalin'. In some ways, he explained, that was true. His parents were both exiled to Siberia during the repressive Soviet crack down on nationalists in the Ukraine after the Second World War. It was in the gulag that his parents met. Fatefully, if Stalin had not exiled them, Melnikas may not have come into the world. Fate places an important role in his writing.

Jam Cafe Launch of 'Shtetl Love Song'

Jam Cafe Launch 4.jpg

It was nice to get some more photos of the Jam Cafe launch from Nottingham photographer Kevin Davis. You can view his blog by clicking here.

It was also lovely to get a write up about the event from ace Nottingham book blogger Jade Moore.

So what the book Shtetl Love Song does is conserve the memory of the Jewish towns and of the world that existed before the war. It’s certainly opened my eyes, as before I read it I didn’t know what a ‘Shtetl’ was or that such a thing ever existed.
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Jam Cafe Launch for 'Shtetl Love Song'

Great Launch at Jam Cafe for 'Shtetl Love Song'. The cafe was full and buzzing on a cold November Sunday afternoon and the music of Howard Coleman on guitar and Stella Chadwick on violin really helped to create the feeling of the shtetl.

All photos by Le Dinh Han 

Jam Cafe Launch 1.jpg

Jam Cafe launch

Jam Cafe Launch 2.jpg

Both Howard and Stella generously donated their time and talents to raise money for the National Holocaust Centre and £70 was raised in donations.

Jam Cafe Launch 3.jpg

Lukas Geniusas at 'Shtetl' launch

Lukas Geniušas, silver medallist 2010 Chopin Piano Competition and 2015 Tchaikovsky Competition

Lukas Geniušas, silver medallist 2010 Chopin Piano Competition and 2015 Tchaikovsky Competition

Noir Press and Spiro Ark are delighted to announce that Lukas Geniušas, silver medallist 2010 Chopin Piano Competition and 2015 Tchaikovsky Competition, will give a guest performance at the London launch of Grigory Kanovich's novel, 'Shtetl Love Song'.

Lukas Geniušas is a Russian-Lithuanian pianist. Geniušas began to study piano at the age of five, and in 1996 he entered the Moscow Frederic Chopin College of Music Performing.

He studied piano with professor Vera Gornostayeva at the Moscow State Conservatory. Since 2004, he has received the M. Rostropovich Foundation scholarship.

He started to perform in public in 1996, and since that time he performed with various orchestras in the best venues of Moscow, St. Peterburg, Vilnius, Wroclaw and Hamburg. He arranged solo appearances in Russia, Poland, Sweden, Germany, France, Switzerland, Lithuania and Austria

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The most encouraging development for those interested in Lithuanian fiction

'Noir Press,' writes Will Mawhood in The Calvert Journal, 'is perhaps the most encouraging development of recent years for those interested in Lithuania and its fiction.'

Of Laura Sintija Cerniauskaite's novel he writes, 'it is dense: crammed with wild, haunting imagery; impulses and yearnings that break the surface suddenly; relationships past and present that glance off and mirror each other.' 

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