Philosophers everywhere, read it now, it should be studied on philosophy courses. Everyone else, immerse yourself in this kind of fiction, even if just for the quotes that explain back to you.

The Easiest

Rasa Askinyte

Translated from Lithuanian by Jura Avizienis


Blanca lives on the first floor of a wooden house that can only be reached by climbing a painted ladder. She thinks this must be the reason why she never has any visitors. She spends most of her days in France. No, not the real France…

Rasa Askinyte has a degree in philosophy. She is the winner of the Book of the Year in Lithuania. Her novels are characterised by a light, ironical tone; a lightness that belies the darkness that lurks behind.

‘The analytical, scalpel-wielding Aškinytė has no peer in Lithuanian literature. She appeals to scholars as well as hipsters. And I mean that as a compliment.’ Emilija Visockaite

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Rasa Askinyte

Rasa Askinyte teaches at the Lithuanian University and is involved in different projects of the Council of Europe. She is a member of Lithuanian Writer's Union and is the author of four novels and one book for children.