The Noir Press line-up for 2017

The Easiest – Rasa Askinyte

April 2017

Blanka lives on the first floor of a wooden house that can only be reached by climbing a painted ladder. She thinks this must be the reason why she never has any visitors. She spends most of her days in France. No, not the real France…

Rasa Askinyte has a degree in philosophy. She is the winner of the Book of the Year in Lithuania. Her novels are characterised by a light, ironical tone; a lightness that belies the darkness that lurks behind.

‘The analytical, scalpel-wielding Aškinytė has no peer in Lithuanian literature. She appeals to scholars as well as hipsters. And I mean that as a compliment.’ Emilija Visockaitė

ISBN 978-0995560017


RRP £10


Shtetl Love Song – Grigory Kanovich

September 2017

Grigory Kanovich's autobiographical novel ‘Shtetl Love Song’ is based on real events from the life of the author's family and the small town characters that peopled the world of his early years. It has been described as being a requiem for the pre-war Lithuanian Jewish shtetl.

Grigory Kanovich, born 1929, is one of the most prominent modern Lithuanian Jewish writers, winner of Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts. Kanovich was born into a traditional Jewish family in the Lithuanian town of Jonava. He has written more than ten novels – a virtual epic saga – dealing with the vicissitudes of the history of Eastern European Jewry from the 19th century to the present day.

‘Probably the last link in the chain is Grigory Kanovich’ Tomas Venclova

ISBN 978-0-9955600-2-4


RRP £12


The Music Teacher – Renata Serelyte

November 2017

A small town police investigator broods obsessively on her tragic love affair with her school music teacher. After the town is shaken by the murder of a teenage girl, the police investigator quickly finds that her ex-lover is her main suspect.

Shortlisted for the Lithuanian Book of the Year Award, The Music Teacher was made into a film in Lithuania.

ISBN 978-0-9955600-3-1


RRP £10